499+ The Most Catchy Spray Tan Business Names Ideas

Mobile Spray Tan Business Names: Are you thinking of starting your own spray tan business? Congratulations! It is an exciting time, and picking a great name for your business is an important part of the process. With a great name, you can create a memorable and unique brand for your business.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the best spray tan business names out there, and help you to find the perfect one for your venture.

Here you will see:

  • Some of the most popular mobile spray tan business names for spray tan business starters.
  • The most catchy spray tan business name ideas of all time.
  • Some of the most used spray tan names from all over the globe.
  • Tips and suggestions to name your spray tan business.

Let’s dive in.

Spray Tan Business Names

Some of the best spray tan business names that will make you feel special and unique among your competitors:

  • Radiant Beauty Bar
  • Tan It Up
  • Sun-Kissed Beauty Co.
  • Caribbean Tanning
  • Sun-Blessed Tanning Salon
  • Tanning Den
  • Tanning Solutions Plus
  • Spray And Glow
  • The Spray Tan Club
  • The Spray Tan Room
  • Skin Deep Tanning
  • Tan-A-Licious
  • Bronze Beauty Spray Tans
  • Glow Goddess
  • Sunless Splendor
  • Sun-Kissed Tanning Co.
  • The Tan Emporium Co.
  • Tanning Project
  • The Tan Zone
  • Sunless Solutions Co.
  • Bronze Bombshell
  • The Bronze Effect Co.
  • Tanning Zone
  • Sun Kissed Tanning
  • Tanning Troopers
  • Beach Tan
  • The Tan Boutique Co.
  • Bronze Island
  • Sun-Kissed Tanning
  • Bronzed Babe Co.
  • Summertime Tans
  • Tan-Tastic Tan
  • The Tan Studio
  • Tanning Trendsetters
  • Sun-Loved Skin
  • Bronze Bungalow
  • Golden Glow Tanning
  • Sun-Bronzed Tanning
  • Tropical Tanning
  • The Bronze Spot
  • Bronze And Glow Spa
  • Tan-Finity
  • Bronze Goddess Tanning
  • Sun-Kissed Tanning Studio
  • Radiant Beauty Studio
  • Tanning Beyond
  • Perfect Tanning Studio
  • Bronze Goddess
  • Skin Glam Tanning
  • Bronze Bliss
  • Tan-A-Holic
  • The Glow Up Co.
  • Perfect Tan
  • Bronze & Glow
  • Bronzed Beauty Tanning

What are some best mobile spray tan business names to choose?

Are you thinking of starting a mobile spray tan business? If so, you’ll need to come up with a great business name to get your business off the ground. An effective business name can help you stand out from the competition, capture the attention of your target customers, and build your brand.

But coming up with the perfect business name can be a daunting task. You want something that’s eye-catching and memorable, but also conveys the vibe of your business and the services you offer.

Here are some of the best mobile spray tan business names to choose from:

  1. Sun-Kissed Tanning Boutique
  2. Sunless Tanning
  3. Tanning Bliss
  4. Bronzed Babe
  5. The Tanning Loft
  6. Sun Tanning Boutique
  7. Tanning Sensation
  8. Tan In A Flash
  9. Tan Chic Tanning
  10. Sunless Serenity
  11. Sun Tanning Station
  12. Bronze Kingdom
  13. The Sunless Room
  14. Tanning Haven
  15. Sunless Beauty Co.
  16. Tanning Solutions
  17. The Glow Bar
  18. Tanning Rays
  19. Solar Tanning
  20. Sunkissed By Sarah
  21. Tan Me Now
  22. The Tan Authority
  23. Glowing Tans
  24. Glow Getters
  25. Sunless Supreme
  26. Tanning Biz
  27. Tanning To Go
  28. Tan Time Co.
  29. Tanning & Toning
  30. Sun-Dried Tans

Spray Tan Business Names

Spray Tan Business Name Ideas

The most creative spray tan business name ideas you can ever find on the internet:

  • Golden Tanning Co.
  • Tan-Tastic Tanning Salon
  • Tan Fusion
  • The Tanning Bar
  • Sun-Touched Skin
  • The Bronze Experience Co.
  • Sunless Beauty Bar Co.
  • The Spray Tan Bar Co.
  • Sun-Drenched Skin
  • Sun Tan Delight
  • Sun-Soaked Tans
  • Sun-Blessed Tan
  • The Tan Emporium
  • Tanning Pros Plus
  • Radiant Glow Co.
  • Spray Tan Heaven
  • Tanning By Design
  • Tan Beyond
  • Golden Sun Tanning
  • Skin Sculpt Tanning
  • Tanology Tans
  • Tanning Destination
  • Sun Goddess Tanning
  • Island Glow
  • Sunless Sunkissed
  • Tanned And Tempting
  • Glow Boss
  • Sunless Tan
  • Tanning Divas
  • Tan Republic
  • Sunless Heaven
  • Tanning Kings
  • The Tanplace
  • Sun-Kissed Spray Tans
  • Tan Lines Salon
  • Sun-Bleached Tanning
  • Sunless Tanning Solutions
  • Tanning Factory
  • Bronze Glow Co.
  • Tan And Go
  • Sun-Kissed Glow Co.
  • The Sunless Solution
  • Sunless Seduction
  • Bronze Haven Co.
  • Sunkissed Skin Co.
  • Lush Tan
  • Bronze Beauty

What are some best spray tan business name ideas to choose?

When it comes to choosing a name for your spray tan business, it’s important to come up with something that is both memorable and professional. It should also reflect the type of service you offer and be unique enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

With that in mind, here are some of the best spray tan business name ideas to help get you started.

  1. Sunless Beauty Bar
  2. Perfect Tans
  3. The Tanning Room
  4. Sunless Sanctuary Co.
  5. Skin Solutions Tanning
  6. Tanning Delirium
  7. Tanning Specialists
  8. Airbrush Tan Co.
  9. The Glow Factory
  10. Radiant Beauty Co.
  11. Radiant Beauty Spa
  12. Sunless Luxury
  13. Tanning Rx
  14. Tanning Tango
  15. Radiant Glow
  16. Sun-Blessed Tanning
  17. Tan-Tacular
  18. Tan Therapy
  19. Sun Tan Shop
  20. The Tan Bar
  21. Sunshine Skin Care
  22. The Glow Room
  23. Sun-Struck Skin
  24. Sun At Your Service
  25. Sun-Lit Skin Salon
  26. Beachy Keen Spray Tans
  27. Tan Frenzy
  28. The Tanning Co.
  29. Tanning Escape
  30. The Tanning Boutique

Spray Tan Business Name Ideas


Mobile Spray Tan Business Names

Following list contains some of the most popular mobile spray tan business names that will make you look cool:

  • Tanning Emporium
  • Sunkissed Tanning
  • Tan Time
  • Beachy Tans
  • Tanning Temptress
  • Bronzed Beauty Room
  • Bronze Beauty Co.
  • Sun Kissed Tans
  • Tanning Tropics
  • Tan Addiction
  • The Glow Up Room Co.
  • Tanning Tangent
  • Tanning By The Sea
  • Tanning Time
  • Radiant Rays Tanning
  • Tanning Experts
  • Sun Tan Studio
  • Sun-Kissed By Sarah Co.
  • Bronze Tanning Salon
  • Tanned To Perfection
  • Gilded Tanning
  • Beach Babe Tanning
  • Sun Tan Bliss
  • Tanning Treasures
  • Heatwave Tanning
  • Beach Babes Tanning
  • Tanning Bliss Salon
  • Sunless Beauty Room
  • The Golden Tan
  • Sunless Tans
  • Sun Tan Central
  • Sunless Secret
  • Beach Babes Sunless Tanning
  • Tan Oasis
  • The Spray Tan Shack
  • Sun-Kissed Babe
  • Tan Republic Co.
  • The Tanning House
  • Sun-Basked Skin
  • Tanning Spot
  • Tan On Demand
  • Bronze Brigade
  • Tan-O-Rama
  • Tanning Salon Paradise
  • Tanning In Style
  • Beach Babies Tanning

Cute Spray Tan Business Names

Here are some of the most used and yet very cute spray tan business names that you will love:

  • The Sunless Spot
  • Bronze And Glow Co.
  • Golden Tanning Salon
  • Island Tan
  • Sun-Loved Tans
  • The Bronzed Babe
  • The Bronze Experience
  • Island Tanning And Beauty
  • Tan-Tastic Spray Tans
  • Tanning Dreams
  • Sunless By Sara
  • Tanning Authority
  • Tanning Reflections
  • Golden Glow Spray Tans
  • Tanning Expressions
  • Sun Beauty Tanning
  • The Bronze Spot Spa
  • Beach Babe Spray Tans
  • Sunless Dreams
  • Sun Tanning Spa
  • The Spray Tan Station Co.
  • Sun Kissed Spray Tans
  • The Bronze Boutique
  • Tan On The Go
  • Perfectly Bronzed
  • Tanning Lounge
  • Tanning Studio And Spa
  • Tanning Empire
  • Tan Me Tan You
  • Radiant Beauty Room
  • Sun-Kissed Chic
  • Tanned In The Sun
  • The Bronze Beauty Bar
  • Sun Tan World
  • Sun Tan Paradise
  • Sun-Kissed Tanning Paradise
  • Tanned By Design
  • The Tan Studio Co.
  • Radiant Skin Co.
  • Radiant Tanning
  • Sun-Glowed Tanning Salon
  • Luminous Spray Tans
  • Tan Zone
  • Sunless Tanning Spot
  • Tan Perfection
  • Tanning Spa
  • The Glow Experience
  • Sun-Kissed Tanning Salon
  • Tanaholic
  • Sun-Lit Tanning

Spray Tan Names

These are some of the most classy and cool spray tan names that you can ever find on the internet:

  • The Tanning Spot
  • Sweet Sun Tanning
  • Tanning Ventures
  • Beach Tanning
  • Tan Topia
  • The Bronze Glow
  • The Tan Suite
  • The Tanning Salon
  • Tanning Utopia
  • Tanning Trends
  • The Glow Up Lounge Co.
  • Tan Extreme
  • Bronze Tans
  • Orange Glow Tanning
  • Tangible Tanning
  • Sun-Glowed Skin
  • The Tan Line
  • Tanning Express
  • Bronze And Beautiful Co.
  • Tan Luxe
  • Golden Tans Salon
  • Tanned And Terrific
  • Golden Tanning
  • Tanning Innovations
  • Sun-Bronzed Skin
  • Sunless Seduction Co.
  • Bronzed Sun
  • Tanning Paradise Salon
  • Tanning Genie
  • Tanning Room
  • Sunny Tans
  • Sublime Tanning
  • Perfect Tan Co.
  • Tanning Stars
  • Tanning Temptation
  • Tan-Tastic
  • Sun-Lit Tans
  • Tanovation
  • Tanlines
  • Go Get Tan
  • Sun Tan City
  • Tanning Touch
  • Sun-Kissed Goddess
  • Sun-Tanned Skin
  • Bronze Beauty Tanning
  • Tan Me Happy
  • Tanning Adventures
  • The Bronze Room Co.
  • Bronzed Beauty
  • Sun-Baked Tanning
  • Flawless Glow Spray Tans

What are some best spray tan names to choose?

If you’re looking to give yourself a sun-kissed glow without having to hit the beach, a spray tan is the perfect way to go. Before you head to your appointment, though, you’ll need to come up with a creative name for your tan. Here are some of the best spray tan names to choose from:

  1. Bronzed To Perfection
  2. Bronzed Beauties
  3. Sun-Glowed Tanning
  4. Tanning Revolution
  5. Tanning At The Beach
  6. Bronze Babe Tanning
  7. Sunless Luxe
  8. Bronze Beach
  9. Spray Tan Society
  10. Sunless Paradise Tanning
  11. Bronze Rush Tanning
  12. Sun-Soaked Skin
  13. Spray Tan Charm
  14. Tanning Rituals
  15. Tan-Tastic Co.
  16. Tropic Tan
  17. Luminous Beauty Co.
  18. Tanology
  19. Spray Tan Magic
  20. Tanning Paradise
  21. Sunless Tanning Academy
  22. Sun-Shined Tanning
  23. The Spray Tan Place
  24. Bronze Babe Co.
  25. Sunless Tanning Spa
  26. Sunny Tanning
  27. Golden Bronzing Tanning
  28. The Bronze Spot Co.
  29. Bella Bronze
  30. Bombshell Bronzing

Spray Tan Names

Spray Tan Name Ideas

The most high demand spray tan name ideas that are very unique to grab anyone’s attention.

  • Tanning Kingdom
  • Sun Tan Heaven
  • Tan Spot
  • Sunless Skin Co.
  • Sunbathing Station
  • Bronze Society
  • Sun-Soaked Tanning
  • Island Tanning
  • The Spray Tan Spa
  • Tan Me Up
  • Tanning Boutique
  • Sun-Lite Tanning
  • Tanning Trip
  • The Sunless Experience
  • Tan Away
  • Natural Tans
  • Tanning Experience
  • Tanning Headquarters
  • Endless Summer Spray Tans
  • Sunless Sanctuary
  • Tanning Hut
  • Tanned & Toned
  • The Bronze Studio
  • Sunless Tanning Boutique
  • The Tan Connection Co.
  • Tan Me Quick
  • Sun-Kissed By Sue
  • Tanning Heaven
  • Tan-Tastic Tanning Boutique
  • Tanazzle
  • Tanning Technology
  • Tanning Elixir
  • The Tan Joint
  • Tanning Sensations
  • Bronze On Demand
  • Tanning Delight
  • Sunless Salon
  • Tanning Pros
  • The Spray Tan Co.
  • Tan Boutique
  • Glow Up Co.
  • Sun Rays Tanning
  • The Glow Room Co.
  • Perfect Tanning
  • Solar Tans

Funny Tanning Salon Names

Some of the most inspiring and funny tanning salon names you can ever see:

  • Spray Tan Haven Co.
  • Tantastic Tanning Studio
  • Tanning Troop
  • Tanned & Trendy
  • The Tan Place
  • Tanning Lux
  • Tanning Beach
  • The Spray Tan Bar
  • Tanning Starlets
  • The Tan Connection
  • Tanning Angels
  • Sun Tan Express
  • Sunless Haven Co.
  • Tan Club
  • Spray Tan Central
  • Golden Rays Tanning Salon
  • Tan-It-All
  • Golden Rays Tanning
  • Sun-Baked Tanning Salon
  • Sunless Beauty Lounge
  • Tan Bar Co.
  • Radiant Beauty Lounge
  • Tanning Studio
  • Summer Breeze Tanning
  • The Bronze Bar
  • Tanning Magic
  • Radiant Glow Room
  • The Spray Tan Experience
  • Tanning Divas Tanning
  • Tanning Envy
  • Radiant Skin Spray Tans
  • Tan And Go Co.
  • Sun-Tanned Tanning
  • Sun-Kissed And Tan Co.
  • Sun-Kissed Skin
  • Tan Me Away
  • Glow Getter Spray Tans
  • Golden Touch Spray Tans
  • Sun-Blushed Tanning
  • The Tan Room Co.
  • Sun-Kissed Skin Salon
  • Sunless Skin
  • Sun-Kissed Glow
  • Bronze N’ Glow

Classy Tanning Salon Names

Searching for some eye-catching and classy tanning salon names that will grab attention? Check this list:

  • Bronzed By The Beach
  • Summer Skinz
  • Bronze Ambition
  • Bronze Bodies
  • Tanning Spotters
  • Tanning Obsession
  • The Glow Up Lounge
  • Bronzed Skinz
  • Tan Genius
  • Sun-Kissed Beauty
  • Sun-Baked Skin
  • Tanning Luxe
  • Bronzed Babes
  • Tan-A-Tron
  • Tannation
  • Tan-Tastic Tanning
  • The Sunless Salon
  • Bronze Tanning
  • Tanning Trendz
  • Sun Tan Haven
  • Tanning Heavens
  • Sunless Skin Solutions
  • Sun-Kissed Bliss
  • Sun-Kissed Tans
  • Tan-Pop Tanning
  • Radiant Beauty Room Co.
  • Tan 365
  • Tan Station
  • The Bronze Room
  • Radiant Spray Tans
  • Tan Envy
  • Summer Tanning
  • Tanning Retreat
  • Tan And Glow Co.
  • Tanning Therapy
  • Bronzed And Beautiful
  • Sun Seeker Tanning
  • Tanning Euphoria
  • Tan Temptation
  • The Tan House
  • Sun-Bleached Tanning Salon
  • Tanning Retailers
  • Tanning Seduction
  • Beautifully Bronzed
  • Sun Tan Beauty
  • Tanning Station
  • The Spray Tan Club Co.

Tips to Name Your Spray Tan Business

When naming your spray tan business, it’s important to choose a name that reflects the nature of your services and appeals to your target audience.

Here are some tips to help you come up with a great name for your spray tan business:

Highlight the benefits of spray tanning

Highlighting the benefits of spray tanning in your business name can attract potential customers who are looking for a natural-looking, bronzed glow. Including keywords that convey this, such as “bronze” or “radiant,” can help your business stand out from competitors.

Keep it simple and memorable

Keeping your business name simple and memorable can make it easier for customers to remember and recommend your services to others. A name that is catchy and easy to say can make your business more appealing to potential customers.

Consider your target audience

Considering your target audience can help you choose a name that resonates with them. If your target audience is younger adults, you may want to choose a name that is trendy and modern to appeal to their tastes.

Use puns or humor

Using puns or humor can make your business name more memorable and stand out from competitors. A clever or witty name can help your business be more memorable and draw attention.

Avoid using location-specific names

Avoiding location-specific names can give your business more flexibility in the future if you decide to expand or move locations. Choosing a name that is more general can make it easier for customers to find you online and make your business more recognizable.

Check for domain and social media availability

Checking for domain and social media availability is also important to ensure that your chosen name is available across all platforms.

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