455+ Good Famous Toys Company Names Kids Will Love

Are you starting a new toy business and need help finding a great name? You’re in luck! This article is packed with ideas for naming your toy company, so you can choose a name that really speaks to you and your customers.

I’ve spent years helping people like you find the perfect names for their businesses. I know how important it is to have a name that’s catchy and memorable.

As a naming specialist, I’m here to guide you through the process and help you find a name that you’ll love.

Summary: In this article, you’ll find lots of fun and creative ideas for naming your toy company. Whether you’re looking for something playful or more classic, I’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from.

I want to help you find a name that really captures the spirit of your toy company and makes your customers smile.

Toys Company Names

  • Toy Trove Innovations
  • Toy Track Creations
  • Dreamy Dollhouse Dreams
  • Fantasia Fountains
  • Giggles & Gadgets
  • Teddy’s Trove
  • Fantasy Fusion Toys
  • Wishful Whirlwinds
  • Glee Grove Toys
  • Mini Marvel Emporium
  • Magic Makers Toys
  • Toy-Riffic Treasures
  • Enchanted Era Toys
  • Joy Jubilee Creations
  • Giggles & Grins Galore
  • Wondrous Ways Toys
  • Imagineering Toys
  • Slinky’s Shelf
  • Sparkle Shack Toys
  • Enchanted Echoes
  • Relic Repositories
  • Play Time Creations
  • Play And Wordplay
  • Joyful Jewels Junction
  • Wonderland Toys
  • Fun Filled Fables Toy Co.
  • Easy-Bake Emporium
  • Fantasy Fiesta Fest
  • Classic Keepsakes
  • Kiddo Kraze Kastle
  • Toy Tower
  • Toy Tranquil Tropics
  • Block Party Bonanza
  • Gleeful Galaxy
  • Fun Fusion Creations
  • Rainbow Brite Ridge
  • Illuminated Illusions
  • Lively Lands Toys
  • Fantasy Friends Toy Co.
  • Retro Relics
  • Fun Filled Fables
  • Hot Wheels Haven
  • Blocks And Giggles
  • Toy Box Creations
  • Whimsy World Toys
  • Happy Heart Toys
  • Whirlwind Toys
  • Glee Garden Grove
  • Wonder Whirl Toys
  • Playful Petal Creations

Toys Company Names

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Toy Company Names Ideas

  • Sprout & Spark Toys
  • Dreamland Delights
  • Spark Joy Shop
  • Wonder Wish Workshop
  • Heirloom Hobbies
  • Dreamy Daze Toys
  • Fantasy Fiesta Fun
  • Whimsy Whirl
  • Joyful Jewels Toy Co.
  • Zephyr Zing Toy Co.
  • Radiant Revels
  • Merry Magic Toyland
  • Joy Jive Creations
  • Toy Haven
  • Fun Forest Toys
  • Blocks Of Laughter
  • Puzz 3d Pavilion
  • Playful Pirate Toys
  • Lite-Brite Lane
  • Rainbow Rush Toys
  • Wonder Works Wonders
  • Dreamland Dolls
  • Kiddie Korner
  • Imagination Ignition
  • Once Upon A Toy
  • Giggly Galaxy Toy Co.
  • Dreamy Dollhouse Delights
  • Heritage Haven
  • Marvel & Mirth Market
  • Giggle Grove Toys
  • I. Joe Junction
  • Playful Pals Toys
  • Fossilized Fun
  • Sprout Spark Toys
  • Gadget Giggle Groove
  • Dolls And Droll
  • Pull My Lego
  • Wonder Wagon Toys
  • Toy Trails
  • Sprinkle Sprout Sparkle
  • Gags & Giggles Grove
  • Kiddo Kraze Konnection
  • Kiddo Kraze Korner
  • Fantasy Funland Toys
  • Playful Panda Creations
  • Playful Puns Palace
  • Memory Lane Toys
  • Twinkle Twist Toys
  • Toy Trove
  • Heritage Highlights

Dog Toy Company Names

  • Whimsy Whisper Toys
  • Playful Pixie Place
  • Olden Days Outlet
  • Whiz Bang Wonderland Emporium
  • Joyful Junction Jubilee
  • Enchanted Eden Enchantment
  • Joyful Junction Toy Co.
  • Playtime Puns
  • Dreamy Drifts
  • Joyful Jamboree Toy Co.
  • Toy-Let’s Play
  • Merry Makers Magic
  • Laughs And Ladders
  • Operation Office
  • Whistle While Toys
  • Pastime Playhouse
  • Memory Merchants
  • Jest The Best Toys
  • Giggles & Grins Gathering
  • Tinker & Thinker Toybox
  • Fantasy Factory Toys
  • Antique Amusements
  • Happy Harbor Haven
  • Fun Fair Creations
  • Jenga Junction
  • Dreamy Daze Dreamscape
  • Pint-Sized Paradise Toys
  • Fun-Thusiast Finds
  • Wonder Wish Wonders
  • Keepsake Kingdom
  • Glee Garden Getaway
  • Toy Time Troupe
  • Whimsy Whirl Toys
  • Magic 8 Ballroom
  • Old Times Oasis
  • Fantasy Funhouse Toys
  • Tiny Tinkers Creations
  • Fantasy Fairground
  • Bubble Burst Toy Co.
  • Rainbow Rush Retreat
  • Whimsical Whirligig
  • Luminous Lagoon
  • Dream Builders Delights
  • Kid Karnival Toys
  • Cabbage Patch Cottage
  • Yo-Yo Yard
  • Sprinkle Spark Toys
  • Teddy Tales Toy Store
  • Toy-Rannosaurus Wrecks
  • Elysian Emporium

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Toy Store Names

  • Fantasy Fiesta Toys
  • Beanie Baby Bazaar
  • Fun Fantasy Creations
  • Magic Meadow Toys
  • Pound Puppies Promenade
  • Toys In The Attick
  • Toy Time Capsule
  • Magic Mountain Toys
  • Plush And Pun
  • Happy Harmony Toys
  • Bumblebee Bazaar
  • Kiddin’ Around
  • Play Paradise
  • Mirthful Miniatures
  • Joyful Jigsaws Jamboree
  • Dream Doodle Toys
  • Fantasy Fables Toys
  • Mystic Moon Toys
  • Twinkle Twirl Toyland
  • Nostalgic Novelties
  • Giggles & Grins Toy Co.
  • Merry Makers Toys
  • Giggle Grove Toy Co.
  • Ticklish Twig Toys
  • Tinker Toy Tower
  • Labyrinth Lane
  • Magic Makers
  • Wonder World Creations
  • Whimsy Whispers Workshop
  • Dreamy Daze Delights
  • Wonderland Wonders
  • Toy-Tally Awesome
  • Wheely Fun Toys
  • Merry Magic Toy Co.
  • Glimmering Grove
  • Dreamy Dollhouse Toys
  • Toy Tide Creations
  • Sparkle Sprinkle Creations
  • Gameboy Gallery
  • Dream Dazzle Emporium
  • Sparkling Spires Store
  • Fun Fusion Factory
  • Starshine Station
  • Memory Mementos
  • Pun & Games Gallery
  • Battleship Boulevard
  • Tiny Town Toys
  • Toy Trek Treasures
  • Tic-Tac-Toy
  • Pixie Play

Toy Store Names

Wooden Toy Company Names

  • Kid Kraze Toys
  • Wonder Wish Toys
  • Dreamy Dolls
  • Dreamscape Depot
  • Whimsy Wood Toys
  • Sparkle Shine Creations
  • Stardust Station
  • Nostalgia Nook
  • Zing Zoom Toys
  • Toytopia
  • Legacy Locomotives
  • Rainbow Toy Creations
  • Rainbow Rush Realms
  • Atari Arcade
  • Retro Recess
  • Joyful Journeys
  • Dreamcatcher Depot
  • Whimsy Wonder Creations
  • Pun-Tastic Playplace
  • Merry Munchkins Toy Co.
  • Stardust Dreams Store
  • Whimsy Whispers Toy Co.
  • Vintage Ventures
  • Mini Marvels Toy Co.
  • Charm Chuckle Toys
  • Playful Peak Toys
  • Toying With Words
  • Happy Harbor Toy Co.
  • Fantasy Factory Fun
  • Joy Junction Creations
  • Fun Zone Creations
  • Silly Safari Toy Co.
  • Fun Factory Fantasies
  • Whimsy Wonder Toys
  • Playful Pixel Toys
  • Fabled Finds
  • Barbie Dreamhouse Drive
  • Whimsy Waves Workshop
  • Dream Delight Toys
  • Silly Putty Spot
  • Fisher-Price Fort
  • Classic Childhood
  • Toy-Ble Makers
  • Enchanted Toys
  • Fantasy Fiesta Factory
  • Past Era Playsets
  • Joyful Journey Toys
  • Sprinkle Sprout Toyland
  • Rainbow Rise Toys
  • Joyful Junction Jamboree

Toy Store Name Ideas

  • Toy Terra Treasures
  • Cloud Craze Toy Store
  • Marvelous Munchkins Toy Co.
  • Imagination Infusion
  • Dream Builders Toy Co.
  • Nerf Nook
  • Toy-Tales
  • Throwback Toybox
  • Dream Dance Toys
  • Whimsical Wonderland
  • Tin Soldier Stand
  • Sunbeam Sanctum
  • Care Bear Cloud
  • Pixie Playground
  • Joyful Jive Toys
  • Toy Tranquil
  • Jest For Toys
  • Fantasy Fields Toys
  • Puzzling Puns Place
  • Fantasy Fiesta Toy Store
  • Enchanted Eden Emporium
  • Days Of Yore Depot
  • Dream Dimple Toys
  • Toybox Adventures
  • Magic Mingle Toy Co.
  • Pixie Dust Toys
  • Sprinkle Sprout Sanctuary
  • Raggedy Retreat
  • Jest Quest Toys
  • Imagineer Toys
  • Dazzling Daydreams
  • Snazzy Sprout Toy Co.
  • Puddle Jump Toys
  • Wistful Wares
  • Spirograph Spot
  • Nostalgia Niche
  • Build & Banter
  • Twinkle Twirl Toy Co.
  • Reverie Repository
  • Dreamy Day Toys
  • Dreamweaver Den
  • Peek-A-Boo Playthings
  • Old School Shelf
  • Munchkin Mirth Toy Store
  • Potato Head’s Place
  • Toy Time Creations
  • Toy Buoys & Gulls
  • Imagination Station
  • Tiddlywinks Trail
  • Toy Trek

Toy Store Name Ideas

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Toy Brand Names

  • Etch A Sketch Escape
  • Dream Builders Dreamland
  • Happy Harbor Toys
  • Mischief & Miniatures
  • Bygone Boutique
  • Joy Junction Toys
  • Giggles & Grins Toys
  • Whimsy Wagon
  • Glee Garden Toys
  • Fairy Frolic Finds
  • Figure It Out
  • Unicorn Universe
  • Toy Trinket Creations
  • Jolly Jungle Toys
  • Playmobil Plaza
  • Fun Fusion Toys
  • Fun Factory Toys
  • Toys & Teasers Tavern
  • Wonder Works Toys
  • Toying Around
  • Giggle Grove
  • Fantasy Factory
  • Mirth Meadow Emporium
  • Whistle Wagon Toys
  • Scrabble Square
  • Lincoln Log Lodge
  • Epoch Emporium
  • Whispering Willow Works
  • Magic & Mirth Marketplace
  • Kiddy-Up Corner
  • Kiddo Kraze Toy Co.
  • Play-Doh Parlor
  • Dream Builders Toys
  • Playful Pandemonium
  • Sprinkle Sprout Toys
  • Magic Mingle Toys
  • Playful Petal Toys
  • Merry Maker Toys
  • Rainbow Rays Toys
  • Daydream Delights
  • Little Green Army Atelier
  • Fun Fiesta Toy Co.
  • Toy Time Treasures
  • Matchbox Marketplace
  • Dream Dazzle Toys
  • Polly Pocket Place
  • Playful Pirates Toy Co.
  • Whimsy Waves Toy Co.
  • Smiles & Giggles Toy Co.
  • Enchanted Emporium

Famous Toy Company Names

  • Toy Tracks
  • Magic Meadow Market
  • Sunshine City Toys
  • Tinker Town Toys
  • Quirk Quarters Emporium
  • Whimsy Waves Wonders
  • Yore Toy Store
  • View-Master Vista
  • Fantasia Finds
  • Happy Haven Toys
  • Magic Moments Toy Co.
  • Twilight Treasures
  • Whimsy World Wonders
  • Funfinity Toys
  • Glimpse Of The Past
  • Fun Flair Creations
  • Toy Town Treasures
  • Remembered Rarities
  • Twister Twist
  • Joyful Journey Toy Co.
  • Barbie’s Boutique
  • Play-Dates & Puns
  • Nostalgic Nexus
  • Rubik’s Room
  • Wonder Wagon Creations
  • Toy Trek Travails
  • Sunshine Safari Toy Co.
  • Whimsy Whirl Creations
  • Toy Territory
  • Glimmer Grove Toy Co.
  • Toy Quest Creations
  • Enchanted Eden Enclave
  • Power Ranger Plaza
  • Whimsy Waves Toys
  • Toylandia
  • Hula Hoop Heights
  • Fun Fairytales Toys
  • Twinkle Twirl Treasures
  • Dream Weavers Toy Co.
  • Toy Trek Adventures
  • Toy Time Travels
  • Yesteryear Playthings
  • Strawberry Shortcake Shop
  • Lighthearted Loft
  • Whimsy Whispers Wonderland
  • Yore Yearnings
  • Toy Terra
  • Sparkle Spot Creations
  • Happy Harmony Toy Co.
  • Pun Playhouse

Famous Toy Company Names

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Fidget Toy Company Names

  • Toy Tastic Creations
  • Tinker Tot Toys
  • Toytopia Creations
  • Dreamy Daydreams Toys
  • Tonka Truck Territory
  • Toy Trek Creations
  • Sparkle Spot Toys
  • Toy Tranquility
  • Time Travel Toys
  • Moonbeam Market
  • Whimsy Waves
  • Kiddo Klubhouse
  • Toy Time Trinkets
  • Toy Tranquil Trails
  • Childhood Chronicles
  • Bygone Basics
  • Sprinkle Sprout Toy Co.
  • Sunbeam Surge Toys
  • Fun Fables Toys
  • Vintage Vignettes
  • Fable Forge Toys
  • Snicker Snack Toy Store
  • Happy Harbor Hideout
  • Flashback Finds
  • Timeless Treasures
  • Joyful Jewels Jungle
  • Toy Treasure Trove
  • Golden Era Games
  • Toy Terra Trailblazers
  • Enchanting Echoes
  • Yesteryear Yarns
  • Fun Flurry Toys
  • Whimsy Willow Toys
  • Joyful Jamboree Toys
  • Harmony Haven Toys
  • Dreams & Doodles Depot
  • Tiny Treasures Toy Co.
  • Glee Garden Toyland
  • Enchanted Eden Toys
  • Lego Legacy
  • Epoch Essentials
  • Happy Hearts Toy Co.
  • Peekaboo Playthings
  • Playful Penguin Creations
  • Toy Tron Creations
  • Toy Tonic Creations
  • Kiddie Kingdom
  • Toy Time Travelers
  • Crayola Corner
  • Toy Tales

Good Toy Company Names

  • Wonder Wing Toys
  • Starry-Eyed Surprises
  • Dream Daze Toys
  • Merry Makers Manor
  • Playful Prism Place
  • Joyful Junction Toys
  • Toy Time Tales
  • Dreamland Toys
  • Playful Pals Creations
  • Glee Garden Toy Co.
  • Time-Honored Tidbits
  • Giggly Go-Round
  • Silly Safari Toys
  • Fun Fiesta Creations
  • Merry Magic Kingdom
  • Chuckles & Checkers
  • Toy Time Emporium
  • Rainbow Retreat Toys
  • Rainbow Realm Toys
  • Whimsy Works Toys
  • Fun Fusion Fantasy
  • Kid Kastle Toys
  • Merry Magic Moments
  • Uno Universe
  • Wonder Wave Creations
  • Adventure Avenue Toys
  • Fantasy Factory Fantasia
  • Heirloom Hideaway
  • Twinkle Twirl Toys
  • Knot A Yoyo
  • Happy Harbor Hideaway
  • Whimsy Weaves
  • Playful Palooza
  • Radiant Recess
  • Kiddo Kraze Kingdom
  • Celestial Celebrations
  • Giggles Galore Toy Co.
  • Rainbow Realm Wonders
  • Imagine Isles
  • Monopoly Mansion
  • Merry Makers Mansion
  • Joyful Junction Joyland
  • Rainbow Rapture

Good Toy Company Names

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Toy Car Company Names

  • Speedy Wheels Toys
  • Turbo Drive Toy Co.
  • Mini Motors Playthings
  • Velocity Ventures
  • Race Ready Toys
  • Tiny Tracks Toy Co.
  • Zoom Zing Toys
  • Fast Lane Fun
  • Wheels of Wonder
  • Speedster Spark
  • Toy Track Titans
  • Miniature Motors
  • Dash Delight Toys
  • Revved Up Toys
  • Tiny Tyre Tracks
  • Velocity Valley
  • Racing Roar Toys
  • Miniature Machines
  • Zoom Zone Toys
  • Vroom Ville
  • Speedy Spark Toys
  • Tiny Racers Toy Co.
  • Turbo Twist Toys
  • Wheelie Wonders
  • Speed Demon Toys
  • Tiny Turbos Toy Co.
  • Zoom Zoom Zone
  • Fast Track Toys
  • Wheel Wonderland
  • Racing Rush Toys
  • Mini Motor Marvels
  • Turbo Tikes Toy Co.
  • Speedy Spin Toys
  • Tiny Transmission Toys
  • Velocity Vista
  • Race Day Toys
  • Mini Wheelers Toy Co.
  • Zoom Zoom Zephyr
  • Speedster Sprint Toys
  • Tiny Rev Toy Co.
  • Turbo Turn Toys
  • Wheelie World
  • Speedy Streak Toys
  • Tiny Raceway Toy Co.
  • Turbo Twirl Toys
  • Wheel Wizardry
  • Racing Ridge Toys
  • Miniature Motions
  • Zoom Zoom Zenith
  • Fast Lane Frenzy

Best Toy Company Names

  • Toy Twirl Creations
  • Adventure Seeker Toys
  • Dream Catcher Toys
  • Imagination Voyage Co.
  • Sparkle Sprout Toys
  • Playful Puppeteer Toys
  • Toy Trailblazer Creations
  • Fun Fiesta Toys
  • Little Loom Toys
  • Toy Haven Hub
  • Joyful Jungle Toys
  • Magic Mingle Co.
  • Playful Plush Toys
  • Toy Tinker Creations
  • Adventure Spark Toys
  • Dream Chaser Toys
  • Imagination Emporium Co.
  • Sparkle Sprinkle Toys
  • Playful Promenade Toys
  • Toy Trinket Creations
  • Fun Factory Toys
  • Little Lullaby Toys
  • Toy Haven Hideaway
  • Joyful Jig Toys

How to Name a Toy Company

When you’re starting a toy company, picking the perfect name is like finding the right toy for a child – it needs to be exciting and memorable.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps to help you come up with a name that shines bright like a favorite toy.

Research and Finding Inspiration

To start, take a look at what other toy companies are called. See what’s popular and what makes those names special.

Then, let your imagination run wild! Dive into your favorite stories, movies, and things that make you smile to find inspiration for your own toy company name.

Brand Identity and Values

Think about what your toy company stands for. Who are you trying to make happy with your toys? Maybe you want to spread joy to kids everywhere or bring families closer together.

Decide on the feeling you want people to have when they hear your company’s name – whether it’s excitement, warmth, or nostalgia.

Coming Up with Ideas

Now comes the fun part – brainstorming! Make a list of words and ideas that remind you of toys and fun times.

Chat with your friends and family to see if they have any cool ideas too. Don’t be afraid to play around with words and make up new ones – the sky’s the limit!

Choosing the Best Name

Once you have a bunch of ideas, it’s time to pick out the ones that really stand out to you. But before you get too attached, check if anyone else is already using those names. And don’t forget to ask people what they think – their opinions can be really helpful!

Making it Official

When you’ve found the perfect name for your toy company, it’s time to make it official. Make sure nobody else is using that name already, and then register it so it’s legally yours. Now you’re ready to share your toys with the world!

FAQs on Toy Company Names Ideas

What are some fun and easy-to-remember names for a toy company?

Some fun and easy-to-remember names for a toy company could include “Buddy Toys,” “Happy Playmates,” “Dreamy Toys Co.,” “Smile Time Creations,” and “Joyful Jamboree.”

How can I think up a special name for my toy company?

To think up a special name for your toy company, think about things that make kids happy, like games, make-believe, and being creative.

Try mixing words together and see what sounds good. You want a name that kids will love and that their parents will think is great too.

Are there any cool ideas or stories that work well for toy company names?

Yes, there are cool ideas that work well for toy company names, like adventures, magic, exploring, and remembering good times from when we were young.

You can also think about different kinds of toys, like animals, robots, superheroes, or toys that have been around for a long time.

How much does it matter to think about who will like the name when naming a toy company?

It really matters to think about who will like the name when naming a toy company because you want kids to get excited about it and their parents to trust it. The name should make everyone feel happy and safe, like it’s going to be a lot of fun to play with the toys.

Can the name of a toy company make people feel a certain way about it?

Yes, the name of a toy company can make people feel a certain way about it. A good name can make people feel happy and excited and remember it when they see it again.

If the name stays the same and the company keeps telling people about it in the same way, more and more people will start to recognize it and trust it.

Mistakes to Avoid When Naming a Toy Company

A toy company’s name is more than just a label; it captures the heart of the brand, sparking joy and imagination.

The name makes the first impression, shaping how people see and remember your company. In the crowded toy market, a name needs to connect with both kids and adults, bringing to mind fun, safety, and creativity.

It’s the foundation of your brand identity, playing a vital role in marketing and building loyalty. A good name can help your company stand out, making it unforgettable and engaging.

Overlooking Audience Research

One common mistake is not taking the time to really understand your target audience. Knowing what kids and their parents like, the words they use, and what makes them excited is crucial.

A name that charms a seven-year-old in one place might not work in another. Doing thorough research can uncover what truly speaks to your audience, making sure the name you choose is relatable and appealing.

Skipping this step can result in a name that doesn’t connect with the people you want to reach, leading to poor reception in the market.

Ignoring Brand Identity

Your toy company’s name should reflect what your company stands for and its mission. Ignoring your brand identity when choosing a name can lead to a confusing brand experience.

For example, if your company makes educational toys, the name should suggest learning and growth, not just play. Consistency in your branding builds trust and recognition.

A name that doesn’t fit with what your company is about can confuse customers and weaken your message, making it harder to succeed in the long run.

Overcomplicating the Name

Keeping the name simple is very important when naming a toy company. Names that are too complex can be hard to remember and say, especially for kids.

A complicated name can lead to problems with pronunciation or spelling, which affects how easily people can find and remember your brand. Aim for a name that is short, catchy, and easy to spell.

Simple names are easier to remember and share, whether through word-of-mouth or online.

Neglecting Legal Considerations

Legal issues are a key aspect often overlooked when naming a company. Making sure the name isn’t already trademarked or too similar to other brands is essential to avoid legal trouble.

Doing a thorough trademark search can prevent future lawsuits and financial problems. Also, think about how the name will work globally.

What might be fine in one country could be inappropriate or already in use in another. Being careful about legal issues protects your brand and helps ensure a smooth market entry.

Disregarding Online Presence

In today’s digital world, a strong online presence is a must. Not checking if the domain name and social media handles are available can create problems for your online strategy.

A name without an available .com domain or matching social media usernames can make it hard to build a consistent online identity.

Securing these digital assets early on ensures that your company can create a strong online presence, which is crucial for marketing, online sales, and connecting with customers. A good online strategy starts with a name that is unique and available across all digital platforms.

By avoiding these common mistakes, a toy company can choose a name that not only captures the imagination of children but also builds a strong, consistent brand presence. The right name is a stepping stone to success, helping to create lasting connections and a bright future in the world of toys.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect name for your toy company is an exciting and crucial step towards building a memorable and successful brand.

Whether you opt for something whimsical, adventurous, or classic, the right name can capture the imagination of children and parents alike. Remember, a great toy company name should be playful, easy to remember, and reflective of the joy and creativity your products bring.

We hope these ideas have sparked your creativity and helped you on your journey to finding the perfect name. Happy naming and best of luck in your toy-making adventures.

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