Quench Your Thirst: 499+ Creative Juice Shop Names Ideas!

Welcome to the world of creative juice shop names ideas! If you’re the proud owner-to-be of a vibrant juice shop and find yourself in the delightful yet challenging quest for the perfect name, you’re in the right place. Naming your business is no small task; it’s the first impression you’ll make on your customers, and it should encapsulate the essence of what makes your juice shop unique.

As a seasoned naming specialist, I understand the importance of a name that not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting imprint. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of curating names for a variety of businesses, each with its own flair and personality. From quirky cafes to elegant boutiques, I’ve honed my skills in crafting names that resonate with the vision and identity of the business.

In this journey of exploration for creative juice shop names ideas, I promise you a treasure trove of possibilities. Your juice shop is more than just a place that serves beverages; it’s an experience waiting to unfold. The names we’ll explore together will be a fusion of creativity and marketability, ensuring that your business stands out in a crowded market. Get ready to discover names that not only reflect the delicious concoctions you offer but also leave a lasting impression on your customers. Let’s embark on this naming adventure together!

Juice Shop Names

  • Zestful Elixirs
  • Citrus Oasis
  • Vibrant Sips
  • Fruitful Infusions
  • Fresh n’ Fruity
  • Nectar Haven
  • Vitality Quench
  • Pulp & Passion
  • Berry Bliss
  • Tropi Grove
  • Nature’s Nectar
  • Green Goddess Juices
  • Oasis Juicery
  • Zen Zest Juices
  • Pure Squeeze
  • The Juicy Gem
  • Liquid Vitality
  • Bountiful Brews
  • Juicy Nirvana
  • Sweet Serenity Juices
  • Revive & Thrive
  • Tropical Temptations
  • Orchard Euphoria
  • Blissful Bites
  • Fruit Fusion
  • The Juicetopia
  • Sip of Eden
  • Garden Goodness
  • Squeeze Delight
  • Exotic Elixirs
  • Radiant Juicery
  • Fruity Revolutions
  • Nectar Crafters
  • Fresh Vibe Juices
  • Sippin’ Sunshine
  • The Purity Press
  • Nature’s Euphoric
  • Squeeze Spark
  • Juice Jive Haven
  • The Bountiful Blend
  • Flavors of Health
  • Lush Libations
  • Berry Brio
  • Nourish Nectar
  • Simply Sipful
  • Green Zen Oasis
  • Fruition Elixir
  • Zenith Juiceworks
  • Orchard Ovations
  • Nectarful Vibes

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What are some creative juice shop names ideas to choose for business?

Here’s a list of 30 creative juice shop name ideas for you to consider:

top 10 Juice Shop Names

Citrus Bliss Bistro Berry Burst Haven Nature’s Nectar Nook
Vibrant Vines Juicery Tropical Twist Oasis Garden Grove Sips
Pulp & Press Paradise Harmony Hydration Hub Liquid Sunshine Lounge
Blissful Blend Bar Orchard Oasis Elixirs Sip ‘n Sprout Studio
Exotic Extract Emporium Fresh Fusion Fountains Radiant Roots Refresh
Eden Essence Eats Juicy Jamboree Junction Zen Zest Zingers
Wholesome Harvest Hues Smoothie Symphony Spot Berrylicious Boulevard
Pure Squeeze Pavilion Orchard Opulence Oasis Mango Tango Terrace
Serene Sips Sanctuary Tropical Temptation Tavern Fresh Fields Fusions
Purely Peachy Parlor Lush Life Libations Savor the Sip Studio

Juice Shop Names Ideas

  • Citrus Cascade Creations
  • Purity Poured
  • Elysian Elixirs
  • Tropic Breeze Juices
  • Berry Wave
  • Fresh Zen Alchemy
  • Juicy Glow Haven
  • Orchard Oasis Revive
  • Liquid Botanicals
  • Nature’s Juicy Palette
  • Radiant Roots Juices
  • Sip & Sparkle
  • Lush Leaf Libations
  • Fruitful Fusionary
  • Blissful Euphoria Juices
  • Garden Grove Quench
  • Green Bloom Squeezes
  • Wellness Wonders
  • The Fruity Vitality
  • Zenith Nectar Sips
  • Nourish Nature’s Glass
  • Sweet Serenade Elixirs
  • Pulp Pinnacle Pleasures
  • Fruitchemy Squeezes
  • The Juice Quest
  • Tropi Zen Oasis
  • Orchard Oceans of Flavor
  • Liquid Infusionary
  • Zen Oasis Exquisites
  • Verdant Valley Juices
  • Elixir Enchantment
  • Nectar Cascade
  • Radiant Aura Sips
  • Purely Poured Potions
  • Sipful Serenity
  • Berry Burst Brews
  • Nature’s Elysian Squeeze
  • Zenful Zest Juices
  • Orchard Opulence
  • Luscious Liquidations
  • Fresh Vista Juicery
  • The Garden Delight
  • Nectar of Tranquility
  • Pulp & Blissful Bites
  • Sipful Zenith
  • Pure Infusion Pleasures
  • Green Haven Juices
  • Orchard Oasis Aura
  • Fruity Fusion Fantasies
  • Vital Vortex Juices

Juice Shop Names Ideas for startup

Creative Juice Shop Names

  • Fruity Kaleidoscope
  • Sip Craft Innovations
  • Zen Zest Nectar
  • Fusion Loom Juices
  • Nectar Waves Creations
  • Blissful Vine Elixirs
  • Flavor Alchemy Fusion
  • Liquid Luxe Juicery
  • Vital Bloom Sips
  • Nectar Era Express
  • Radiant Pulse Juices
  • Sip Sculpture Haven
  • Pure Fusion Oasis
  • Zen Sip Sensations
  • Fruit Mosaic Squeezes
  • Elixir Canvas Creations
  • Vibrant Scape Juices
  • Aura Flare Innovations
  • Green Fusion Gallery
  • Orchard Canvas Nectar
  • Liquid Aesthetic Sips
  • Nectar Symphony Artistry
  • Zen Vista Juicery
  • Blissful Brush Elixirs
  • Flavor Palette Fusion
  • Sip Canvas Expressions
  • Pure Fusion Craft Oasis
  • Radiant Rendition Juices
  • Vital Elegance Sips
  • Nectar Studio Impressions
  • Fusion Gallery Haven
  • Green Artistry Squeezes
  • Elixir Vision Creations
  • Vibrant Strokes Juices
  • Aura Mosaic Innovations
  • Zen Crafted Elixirs
  • Liquid Expression Oasis
  • Nectar Visionary Sips
  • Sip Creation Gallery
  • Pure Artistry Juices
  • Zen Mingle Impressions
  • Blissful Grove Elixirs
  • Flavor Ensemble Fusion
  • Nectar Tapestry Squeezes
  • Radiant Rhapsody Haven
  • Vital Palette Juices
  • Fruit Expression Oasis
  • Fusion Canvas Sensations
  • Sip Symphony Innovations
  • Green Rhapsody Elixirs

Juice Shop Names in USA

  • USA Fresh Fusion
  • Stars & Stripes Sips
  • Liberty Nectar Nook
  • American Juice Wave
  • Uncle Sam’s Squeeze
  • Freedom Burst Juices
  • Yankee Zen Zest
  • Patriot’s Pulp Palace
  • Lady Liberty Libations
  • Red, White & Sip
  • Uncle Sam’s Orchard
  • United Elixir Express
  • Freedom Fusion Oasis
  • All-American Artistry
  • USA Nectar Craft
  • American Flavor Mingle
  • Yankee Sipful Haven
  • Liberty Liquidations
  • Stars & Stripes Splash
  • Uncle Sam’s Fresh Pulse
  • Freedom Fruit Quench
  • Patriot’s Palette Juices
  • Lady Liberty’s Aura
  • United Nectar Innovations
  • Red, White & Radiant
  • USA Green Haven Sips
  • American Zen Sculpt
  • Uncle Sam’s Fusion Gallery
  • Freedom Flare Oasis
  • Yankee Nectar Canvas
  • Liberty Liquid Luxe
  • Stars & Stripes Sip Craft
  • All-American Elixir Art
  • USA Vital Aesthetic
  • Patriot’s Nectar Expressions
  • Lady Liberty’s Sip Scape
  • United Fusion Fusion
  • Red, White & Elixir Canvas
  • Freedom Palette Juices
  • American Zen Symphony
  • Uncle Sam’s Liquid Mingle
  • USA Flavor Craft
  • Yankee Nectar Visions
  • Liberty Sip Expression
  • Stars & Stripes Artistry
  • Freedom Fusion Oasis
  • Patriot’s Pulp Sensation
  • Lady Liberty’s Zen Rendition
  • United Nectar Palette
  • Red, White & Elixir Ensemble

Juice And Snacks Shop Names

  • Snack Squeeze Delights
  • Bite n’ Sip Bonanza
  • Munch n’ Mingle Juices
  • Sip n’ Nibble Nook
  • Crunchy Fusion Oasis
  • Satisfy & Sip Hub
  • Nosh n’ Nectar Haven
  • Sipful Bites Buffet
  • Gourmet Sip Snack Oasis
  • Tasty Squeeze Bistro
  • Munchy Zen Zest
  • Sip n’ Munch Bliss
  • Bite Luxe Juices
  • Snack Sip Sensations
  • Crunch n’ Quench
  • Sip n’ Munch Express
  • Nibble Nectar Delights
  • Munch Crave Elixirs
  • Sipful Morsels Oasis
  • Gourmet Bites n’ Sips
  • Crunch Fusion Haven
  • Satisfy & Sip Delights
  • Nosh n’ Sip Oasis
  • Sipful Bites Extravaganza
  • Tasty Snack Splash
  • Munch Zen Zest
  • Sip n’ Bite Bliss
  • Bite Luxe Infusions
  • Snack Sip Marvels
  • Crunch n’ Squeeze
  • Sip n’ Munch Moments
  • Nibble Nectar Elixir
  • Munch Crave Oasis
  • Sipful Morsels Gallery
  • Gourmet Fusion Feasts
  • Crunch Sculpt Delights
  • Satisfy & Sip Extravaganza
  • Nosh n’ Nectar Haven
  • Sipful Bites Bonanza
  • Tasty Nibble Craft
  • Munchy Sip Scape
  • Sip n’ Crunch Innovations
  • Bite Luxe Creations
  • Snack Sip Escapade
  • Crunch n’ Sip Odyssey
  • Sip n’ Munch Rendezvous
  • Nibble Nectar Euphoria
  • Munch Crave Quench
  • Sipful Gourmet Oasis
  • Crunch Fusion Delicacies

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What are some best juice and snacks shop names ideas to choose for business?

Here are 30 creative juice and snacks shop name ideas for your business:

top 10 Juice And Snacks Shop Names

Fresh Bite Delights Snack Squeeze Haven Crisp & Sip Corner
Munch Bliss Boutique Zestful Bites Bar Oasis Noshery
Nibble ‘n Nectar Lounge Snack Fusion Fiesta Tasty Treat Trail
Juice Joy Junction Crunch Craze Café Sip NSnack Oasis
Flavor Fiesta Fare Snack Sphere Studio Refresh Rendezvous
Snack Harmony Haven Zesty Zing Delights Bite Bliss Boulevard
Munch Mingle Market Sip NSavor Station Snack Serenity Spot
Crunch Craft Corner Zest Quest Eats Nosh Nectar Nook
Juicy Bites Bistro Snack Sanctuary Square Sip NSnack Oasis
Tasty Trove Terrace Crunch Canvas Café Bite Blend Bar

Smoothie Bar Names

  • Smoothie Symphony
  • Velvet Vortex Blends
  • Sip Sculpture Smoothies
  • Blissful Blend Bar
  • Pure Pulse Elixirs
  • Sipful Serenity Smoothies
  • Smoothie Mosaic Magic
  • Zen Crafted Blends
  • Radiant Rhapsody Sips
  • Smoothie Sculpt Oasis
  • Velvet Vista Sipfuls
  • Artisan Aura Blends
  • Liquid Luxury Smoothies
  • Sipful Strokes Bar
  • Purity Palette Elixirs
  • Smoothie Symphony Haven
  • Zen Mingle Blends
  • Pure Fusion Express
  • Smoothie Scape Oasis
  • Velvet Vision Sips
  • Artistry Alchemy Smoothies
  • Sipful Canvas Bar
  • Radiant Blend Elixirs
  • Smoothie Studio Serenity
  • Zen Sip Sensations
  • Blissful Palette Oasis
  • Liquid Fusion Sips
  • Smoothie Canvas Creations
  • Sipful Rendition Bar
  • Pure Elixir Innovations
  • Smoothie Sculpt Impressions
  • Velvet Flare Oasis
  • Artisan Zest Blends
  • Radiant Rendition Elixirs
  • Sipful Zen Symphony
  • Smoothie Mingle Oasis
  • Zenith Blend Bar
  • Velvet Vista Infusions
  • Purity Pulse Sips
  • Liquid Glow Smoothies
  • Sipful Serenity Express
  • Smoothie Rhapsody Oasis
  • Artistry Mosaic Blends
  • Radiant Zest Elixirs
  • Velvet Canvas Innovations
  • Pure Fusion Symphony
  • Sipful Alchemy Creations
  • Smoothie Sculpt Gallery
  • Zen Luxe Oasis
  • Liquid Euphoria Elixirs

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What are some best smoothie bar names ideas to choose for business?

Here are 30 creative smoothie bar name ideas for your business:

top 10 Smoothie Bar Names

Blend Burst Bar Smoothie Symphony Fresh Fusion Fix
Sip & Swirl Hub Purely Smooth Sips Blissful Blends Bistro
Tropical Twist Tavern Zen Zest Zips Froothaven Oasis
Smoothie Spark Studio Nectar Nook Green Goddess Grove
Berry Bliss Boutique Whirlwind Wellness Vibrant Vortex Ventures
Pure Pulp Pleasures Mingle & Mango Mix Citrus Celebration Station
Harmony Hydration Haven Zen Zest Zingers Sip & Serenity Spot
Fruitful Fusion Fiesta Refresh Revolution Liquid Love Lounge
The Smoothie Spiral Acai Alchemy Arcade Green Goddess Garden
Fresh Fusion Fountains Tropical Temptation Terrace Citrus Sensation Square

Juice Bar Names

  • Squeeze Delights
  • Citrus & Serenity
  • Vitality Vortex
  • Liquid Freshness
  • Fruitful Oasis
  • Green Haven
  • Nectar Craft
  • Pulp & Bliss
  • Berry Brio
  • Tropic Twist
  • Orchard Euphoria
  • Radiant Juices
  • Zen Zest Oasis
  • Pure Sip Pleasures
  • The Juice Hub
  • Nature’s Bounty
  • Garden Goodness
  • Fresh Vibe Juices
  • Sipful Serenity
  • Exotic Elixirs
  • Blissful Bites
  • The Nectar Nook
  • Tropical Temptations
  • Green Zenith
  • Orchard Opulence
  • Luscious Libations
  • Fruity Revive
  • Nectarful Vibes
  • Fruit Fusion
  • Liquid Vitality
  • Sip of Paradise
  • Fresh Blossoms
  • Nature’s Elixir
  • Pulp & Passion
  • Oasis Delights
  • Zenith Juiceworks
  • Radiant Aura
  • Green Zen Oasis
  • Orchard Ovations
  • Sipful Enchantment
  • Sweet Serenity
  • Blissful Euphoria
  • Fruitful Zen
  • Nourish Nectar
  • Simply Sipful
  • Green Delights
  • Nature’s Zen
  • Pulp Pleasures
  • Oasis Serenade
  • Zenful Zest

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What are some best juice bar names ideas to choose for business?

Here are 30 creative juice bar name ideas for your business:

top 10 Juice Bar Names

Juicy Junction Fresh Squeeze Oasis Pure Press Paradise
Citrus Bloom Bar Nectar Nook Garden Grove Juicery
Liquid Sunshine Lounge Green Goddess Gazette Tropical Twist Tavern
Vibrant Vines Ventures Zen Zest Zips Berry Bliss Boutique
Harmony Hydration Haven Oasis Orchard Overture Purely Pulp Pavilion
Blissful Blends Bistro Sip & Serenity Spot Nature’s Nectar Nook
Radiant Roots Refresh Citrus Celebration Corner Fresh Fusion Fiesta
Wellness Whirlwind Liquid Love Lounge Zen Zest Zenith
Pulp Pleasures Pavilion Green Grove Gazette Zen Zest Zenith
Fruitful Fusion Fountain Sip & Shine Studio Refresh Revolution

Fruit Drink Names Ideas

  • Tropical Twist
  • Berry Blastoff
  • Citrus Sensation
  • Orchard Oasis
  • Melon Magic
  • Exotic Euphoria
  • Tropi Zen Delights
  • Pomegranate Pleasure
  • Kiwi Kiss
  • Mango Tango
  • Passionfruit Paradise
  • Lychee Lagoon
  • Pineapple Passion
  • Guava Glee
  • Papaya Punch
  • Dragonfruit Dream
  • Cranberry Craze
  • Watermelon Whirl
  • Raspberry Rapture
  • Blueberry Bliss
  • Strawberry Symphony
  • Blackberry Burst
  • Cherry Charm
  • Grape Gourmet
  • Apricot Adventure
  • Peach Perfection
  • Fig Fantasy
  • Lemon Lime Lullaby
  • Coconut Crush
  • Starfruit Serenade
  • Acerola Affair
  • Boysenberry Ballet
  • Mulberry Melody
  • Guanabana Groove
  • Kumquat Kaleidoscope
  • Nectarine Nirvana
  • Plum Paradise
  • Gooseberry Gala
  • Elderberry Elegance
  • Tamarind Temptation
  • Persimmon Passion
  • Currant Carnival
  • Huckleberry Harmony
  • Cantaloupe Cavalcade
  • Plantain Paradise
  • Jackfruit Jamboree
  • Acerola Adventure
  • Marionberry Mania
  • Raspberry Rainbow
  • Lemonade Luminary

Juice Bar Name Generator

  • Juicy Flair Pro
  • Name Wave Juice Genius
  • Blend Craft Innovator
  • Juice Fusion Forge
  • Nectar Namer
  • Flavor Pulse Pro
  • Sipful Era Genie
  • Zen Sculpt Studio
  • Juice Crafty Pro
  • Blend Mosaic Maven
  • Artisan Namer
  • Sip Sculpt Guru
  • Elixir Craftsmen
  • Flavor Canvas Forge
  • Liquid Alchemy Pro
  • Sipful Symphony Studio
  • Pure Fusion Pioneer
  • Zen Blend Genie
  • Juice Master Forge
  • Name Mingle Maven
  • Artistry Alchemy Pro
  • Sipful Sculpt Studio
  • Fusion Craftsmen
  • Flavor Palette Pioneer
  • Liquid Sculpt Genie
  • Pure Fusion Pro
  • Zen Mingle Forge
  • Juice Elixir Maven
  • Nectar Craft Studio
  • Sipful Craftsmen
  • Flavor Sculpt Pioneer
  • Liquid Artistry Genie
  • Pure Sip Pro
  • Zen Crafty Maven
  • Juice Palette Studio
  • Elixir Sculpt Forge
  • Sipful Alchemy Pioneer
  • Artisan Blend Genie
  • Liquid Symphony Pro
  • Zen Sip Maven
  • Juice Canvas Studio
  • Sip Craftsmen Forge
  • Flavor Symphony Pioneer
  • Pure Blend Genie
  • Liquid Crafty Pro
  • Zenith Sculpt Maven
  • Juice Ensemble Studio
  • Sip Artistry Forge
  • Fusion Symphony Pioneer
  • Flavor Craft Genie

Logo Juice Shop Names

  • Emblematic Elixirs
  • Graphic Nectar Sips
  • Brand Craft Juices
  • Iconic Sipful Oasis
  • Logo Luxe Elixir Bar
  • Signature Squeeze Haven
  • Emblem Sculpt Nectar
  • Visual Vibe Sips
  • Brand Fusion Oasis
  • Identity Juice Hub
  • Symbolic Sip Craft
  • Logo Palette Elixirs
  • Icon Mingle Juices
  • Graphic Glow Sips
  • Emblem Craft Oasis
  • Visual Blend Elixir Bar
  • Brand Sculpt Nectar
  • Symbolic Sipful Haven
  • Identity Fusion Juices
  • Logo Mosaic Oasis
  • Signature Splash Elixirs
  • Emblem Artistry Sips
  • Visual Serenity Nectar
  • Brand Canvas Hub
  • Iconic Blend Squeeze
  • Logo Rendition Oasis
  • Graphic Zen Sips
  • Emblem Alchemy Elixirs
  • Visual Craft Innovations
  • Brand Sipful Impressions
  • Symbolic Studio Oasis
  • Identity Palette Nectar
  • Logo Fusion Symphony
  • Iconic Sculpt Express
  • Emblem Mingle Juices
  • Visual Sip Craft Oasis
  • Brand Glow Haven
  • Symbolic Blend Expressions
  • Identity Artistry Sips
  • Logo Symphony Innovations
  • Emblem Craft Oasis
  • Visual Sculpt Creations
  • Brand Serenity Symphony
  • Symbolic Canvas Sips
  • Logo Alchemy Nectar
  • Iconic Rendition Innovations
  • Emblem Blend Express
  • Identity Sipful Oasis
  • Visual Palette Elixirs
  • Brand Mingle Impressions

How to Name a Juice Shop Business

The Power of a Perfect Name

In the world of entrepreneurship, a name can be your greatest asset. It encapsulates your brand, communicates your essence, and distinguishes you from the competition. When it comes to naming a juice shop business, the stakes are just as high. In this article, we’ll explore the art and science of crafting a name that’s not only catchy but also encapsulates the essence of your juice shop.

Understanding Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Before delving into the creative process of naming, it’s crucial to have a crystal-clear understanding of your juice shop’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP). What sets you apart in the saturated market of fruit beverages? Define your juice shop’s identity, identify your target audience, analyze your competition, and craft a unique value proposition. This foundation will serve as the compass for your naming journey.

Brainstorming and Creativity

The journey of naming your juice shop begins with a creative brainstorming session. Dive deep into the world of word association, mind mapping, and collaborative brainstorming. Explore metaphors and symbolism related to fruits, health, and freshness. Allow your imagination to run wild and embrace the artistic side of naming.

Leveraging Linguistic Techniques

To create a memorable name, consider leveraging linguistic techniques. Experiment with alliteration and assonance to create a pleasing phonetic effect. Try your hand at portmanteau and blending words to concoct unique and evocative names. Don’t shy away from puns, wordplay, and rhyming to inject humor or playfulness into your brand.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

While creativity is essential, it’s equally important to steer clear of common naming pitfalls. Avoid generic names that blend into the background. Ensure your name is culturally sensitive and relevant to your target audience. Future-proof your name by considering long-term trends, and always conduct thorough legal checks to avoid trademark issues.

Testing and Feedback

The final step in your naming journey is testing and feedback. Conduct surveys, focus groups, and social media polls to gather opinions from potential customers. Be open to customer suggestions and incorporate valuable insights. The name should resonate not only with you but also with your future patrons.

FAQs on Creative Juice Shop Names Ideas:

Here are the five most frequently asked questions on the topic of “creative juice shop names ideas,” along with their answers:

What makes a good name for a juice shop?

A good name for a juice shop should be catchy, memorable, and reflect the essence of your brand. It should evoke positive emotions and clearly convey what customers can expect from your offerings, whether it’s freshness, health, or a unique flavor experience.

How can I come up with a creative name for my juice shop?

To generate a creative name, start by brainstorming keywords related to your juice shop’s unique selling points, like the ingredients, flavors, or the atmosphere you want to create. Experiment with wordplay, alliteration, and metaphors, and consider involving others in the brainstorming process for fresh perspectives.

Are there any legal considerations when naming a juice shop?

Yes, there are legal considerations when naming a juice shop. It’s important to conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure your chosen name isn’t already in use by another business. Avoid using trademarked terms or names that could lead to confusion in the market.

Should I consider my target audience when naming my juice shop?

Absolutely, consider your target audience when naming your juice shop. The name should resonate with the preferences and values of your potential customers. If you’re targeting health-conscious consumers, for instance, your name should convey freshness and wellness.

What are some popular naming trends in the juice shop industry?

Naming trends in the juice shop industry often revolve around health, freshness, and creativity. Incorporating words like “green,” “fresh,” “vitality,” or using puns related to fruits and juices can be trendy and appealing. However, it’s important to ensure your name remains unique amidst these trends.


In the realm of juice shop businesses, a name isn’t just a label; it’s a promise of taste, health, and refreshment. Crafting the perfect juice shop names ideas requires creativity, strategy, and a deep understanding of your brand. With the right name, your juice shop is poised for a vibrant and flavorful journey into the world of beverages. Cheers to a juicy future!

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