399+ The Most Amazing New Year Party Names Ideas

New Year Party Names: As we get closer to the end of the year, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming events – and what better way to start the year than with a New Year party? Whether you’re planning an intimate get-together with friends or a big bash with family and friends, you’ll need a great name for the party.

In this blog, we’ll provide some creative New Year party names to help inspire you for your upcoming celebration. So get ready to ring in the New Year in style with a unique and memorable party name!

Here you will see:

  • Some good New Year party names for starters.
  • The best, unique, and catchy New Year Eve party names ideas.
  • Tips and suggestions to name a New Year party.

Let’s dive in.

New Year Party Names

This is the list of some impressive New Year party names:

  • Party In Paradise
  • Sale Tale Divas
  • Maverick Painting
  • Celebration Of Life
  • Shake Makers
  • Bright Lights, Big City
  • Diamond Divas
  • Around The Year At The Midnight Hour
  • Firelicious Chicks
  • Fifty Shades Of The Year
  • Devil’s Hour
  • Let’s Party
  • Tres, Dos, Unn Partiee
  • Legal Hunger Maniacs
  • Mind Scribe Mysteries
  • The Eve’s Party
  • Nirvana Night
  • Happiness In Air
  • Mad Thrash Wizards
  • Around The Clock
  • The Ancient
  • 3,2,1 Partieee
  • Glitz And Glamour
  • Painting And Vino
  • Satan’s Shack And Wine Attack
  • Diabolic Maul Warriors
  • Toasting The Year
  • Primary Colours
  • Wepaint Now
  • Sun Kissed Wisemen
  • Mavens Of Makeup
  • A New Year’s Story
  • Larkins Paint And Body Shop
  • Out With The Old, In With The New Year
  • Beach.Black Velvet
  • Hunt For Happiness
  • Wine De Carte
  • Drizzle Of Happiness
  • Let The Good Times Roll
  • The Year Of Opportunity
  • Out With The Old, In With The New

What are some Good New Year Party Names?

Good New Year Party Names

These are some good New Year party names that you can choose:

  1. Blue Shooting Dragonflies
  2. Lost In Paradise
  3. Raise Your Glass
  4. Midnight Mogul
  5. Fun And Fiesty
  6. Stroke Precision
  7. Fresh After Breakup
  8. Stiff Canvas
  9. Fashion At 12o1
  10. Paint Me In
  11. Purple Lightning Stingrays
  12. The Paint Professionals
  13. Lightning Lemonheads
  14. New Year, New Me
  15. Funky Fresh
  16. Groove Spirit Trappers
  17. Crafts Paints
  18. Colour Bars
  19. Painting Plus
  20. Devils And Angels
  21. Colour Inns
  22. Pink Pegasus
  23. Monster Cosmos
  24. True Mess
  25. Resolution Rewind
  26. The Modern Portrait
  27. The Black And White Affair
  28. Party Like It’s 1999
  29. The Last Hurrah
  30. Decadessary
  31. Decemuary Party
  32. Raise The Roof
  33. Constant Changes
  34. Satan In Heaven
  35. Rise For Rythm
  36. Paint Chip Co
  37. Subtle Soiree
  38. Eat.Enjoy
  39. Made In Heaven
  40. Entrepreneurial Diva Things

New Years Eve Party Name

Here are the most unique New Years Eve party name:

  • Living Colour
  • Paints Place
  • Fireworks And Fizz
  • A Little Naughty, A Little Nice
  • A Night To Remember
  • Alien Ice Illusion
  • Colour Contrast
  • Sparkle Noodle Firecrackers
  • Starry Night
  • Scissor Freedom
  • Pink Venom Express
  • Historical Sheet
  • A Brand New Year
  • Blitz Barracudas
  • Let’s Get This Party Started
  • High On Mai Tai
  • Sparkling Celebration
  • Ping Roosters
  • 31 To 1 Partieee
  • Colour Cribs
  • Hi To Happiness
  • Masks And Mocktails
  • No Pause Party
  • Sting
  • Win And Booze
  • Budget Painting
  • Saga Of Eve And Midnight
  • Schlepp’s Painting
  • A Year Of Joy
  • Tobby Loves Eve
  • Dino Disco Thrill
  • Scum Thrill Demons
  • High Noon
  • Midnight Meetups
  • Color Care
  • Tangy Times
  • Paint Without The Pain
  • Woods And Charades
  • Ball Drop Bash
  • Femme Dragonites

New Year Party Name Ideas

These are the perfect New Year party name ideas:

  • Finding Free Meals
  • Eat And Repeat
  • Midnight Madness
  • Glitter Busters
  • Enormous Canvas
  • Drunken December Eve
  • Mai Tai Madness
  • Toasting The New Year
  • The Vogue Party
  • Raging Blastoise
  • Night And Young
  • Changing Colour
  • Caught Up At Eve’s Hour
  • Dark Angel Divas
  • Sit With Satan
  • Bake And Shake
  • Blonde Puff Princesses
  • Representational Picture
  • Homo Funiens Party
  • Drinks And Wine
  • Wine And Repeat
  • The Painting Fam
  • Axel Painting
  • Sharp Lines Painting
  • Geometric Demons
  • Paint Chimp 1 Day Painters
  • Hint Of Happiness
  • Pride And Pictionary
  • Hide Out In Heaven
  • Bravo Painting
  • Riskuary
  • New Year, New You
  • Pink Fever Unicorns
  • Satisfying Strokes
  • Davinci And Sons
  • Beating Panic
  • Eve’s Luau
  • Pour Some More Favour
  • Timekeepers Of Time
  • High At Midnight
  • Bronto Burrito Blast
  • Painting Absolute
  • Pro Paints
  • Forever 12o1
  • The Countdown Begins
  • Cheerslicious
  • Purple Silk Kittens
  • Slice Of Happiness
  • The Countdown Is On
  • The Midnight Hour
  • 12ohana Party
  • Energy Construction
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • Gone In Heaven
  • Paint Place
  • Paint Store
  • Decorative
  • Roaring Twenties
  • Abc At Nye Party
  • The Grand Party
  • Floor To Ceiling Painting
  • The Black And Red Party
  • Colorful Visions
  • No Nobility Party
  • Reflections Of The Past
  • Sleepless Soiree
  • New Year’s Resolutions
  • Greg’s Painting Service
  • Real Painters Now
  • Make A Wish
  • Hire Painters Now
  • Cocktail Soiree
  • Homo Happiens Party
  • Let’s Make 2019 Count
  • The Marshmallow Party
  • Funky Paints Painting
  • At The Midnight Hour
  • Halter Ego
  • Sparks And Sing
  • Ring In The New Year With Style
  • The Weekend Scatter
  • The Lawn Soiree

New Party Names

Enlisted are some mind blowing new party names:

  • New Year’s Resolution Party
  • Leaping Whiz Magic
  • The Eve’s Affair
  • Thermal Paint Services
  • New Year, New Memories
  • Abc At Midnight Party
  • Tales About Her
  • Real Action Painting Inc
  • The Slim Chance Singles
  • Journey To January
  • Clean Coats
  • Lost In Heaven
  • We Don’t Gossip
  • Groom Paint
  • Noisemakers.Confetti
  • Time To Let Loose
  • A Night To Celebrate
  • No Sobriety Party
  • Cheers To The New Year
  • The Dare Affair
  • Risk At 12o1
  • Caught Up At Midnight Hour
  • Mind Scribes
  • Magnificent Painting
  • Wild Dazzle
  • Crackers And Shake
  • The Big Bang
  • Bon Eveoyage
  • Booze Up And Loose
  • Undercover Readers
  • Primitive Plaque
  • Optimistic Brain Mafia
  • Tales Of Decemuary
  • The Largest Painting
  • Shining Light
  • Cute Deceptive Angels
  • Decorative Art
  • Swiss Master Painting
  • Lawn.Lunch
  • Cereal Herd
  • Hifi At Eve’s Hour

New Year Party Themes Names

Below are some most useful New Year party themes names:

  • Hidden Infinity
  • New Colors Painting
  • Painting Partners
  • Soulful Hours
  • Into It With A Bang
  • Phew! We Missed Her
  • Midnight Martini
  • Anise Canvas
  • Practical Paints
  • Area Painting
  • Mind Your Midnight
  • New Year’s Celebrations
  • Kick Off The New Year
  • Make The Most Of 2019
  • Fifty Shades Of Happiness
  • Flaunt Express
  • Heartful Hours
  • Fizz.Clink
  • Roller Kings
  • Heaven’s Shake
  • Wander Party
  • Lights And Sparkle
  • Pando’s Painting
  • Midnight Luncheon
  • Romantic Artist Spot
  • Rockin’ In The New Year
  • Ancient Artistry
  • Hours In Hell
  • Picture Collective
  • Time To Shine
  • Thank The Year
  • Paint Box
  • Definitely Mind
  • New Year, New You
  • Change Of Fart
  • Soireecember
  • A New Year, A New Chance
  • Professional Painters For You
  • Eve And Cards Up Your Sleeve
  • Textbook Clan
  • Artistry Place
  • All That’s Gold Is Midnight
  • Toast To The New Year
  • Welcome To 2019
  • Cotton Candy Kittens
  • Prowess Group
  • Stuck At Midnight
  • Dart And Darkness
  • The Devil’s Soiree
  • 12ounn Party
  • Blonde Power Gazelles
  • Costumes And Cake
  • A Year Of Excitement
  • Eve And The Feast
  • All That Glitters

New Year Event Names

Following are the most trending New Year event names:

  • Beach Ball Party
  • The Countdown
  • 365 Days Of Madness
  • Star Of The Show
  • Clockabash
  • Attitude Chickdom
  • Celebrate The Last Day Of 2018
  • Make It Count
  • Midnight Moolah
  • Truth And Dare Party
  • Vodka Attack
  • Times Square Takeover
  • Decjan Party
  • Bake And Burn At 12o1
  • The Cocktail Bash
  • Fresh Start
  • Blue Hawk Impact
  • The Professional Painter
  • The Cocktail Saga
  • Champagneomania
  • Soireeuary
  • Fun Chum Battalion
  • Painting Done Now!
  • Plug And Chug
  • Till New Year’s Do Us Part
  • Win Or Booze
  • A Night Of Celebration
  • Game Of Eve’s
  • The Pink Lady Soiree
  • Islamicart
  • Wild Purple Bubbles
  • Avocado Avengers
  • Leap Into The New Year
  • Time Waits For You
  • Freeze The Midnight
  • Painting With Pride
  • New Year, New Adventures
  • A Stroke Of Perfection
  • Byzantinepainting
  • Treasure Hunt Party
  • Lark Kryptonite
  • Urban Jungle
  • Flirtini.Fun
  • Rum And Roll
  • Younme
  • Devil Ray Boom
  • Abc And Eve
  • New Year, Fresh Start
  • Shakeomania

New Years Party Name Ideas

Use these amazing new years party name ideas:

  • Movie Of Midnight
  • Risk And Rise
  • Make It A Resolution
  • Champagne And Shine
  • Colours Crest
  • Rational Wolfpack
  • New Year, New You, New Adventures
  • Etch And Art
  • The Spa Women
  • You And Yacht
  • Devil At 12o1
  • The Flemish Picture
  • Countdown To Midnight
  • Rise At 12o1
  • All Glam Party
  • Eco
  • Shiny Bald Heads
  • Phoenix House Painting
  • Midnight Saga
  • Claiming Painting
  • Poetic Rust
  • Heaven And Hell
  • Ring In The New Year
  • Stargaze Ideas
  • A Night Of Magic
  • American Quality Paint
  • Midnight Surprises
  • Es Construction
  • New Year, New Hopes
  • Charismatic Chameleons
  • Royal Rouge
  • Mom’s Recipes
  • Your Neighborhood Painters
  • There She Goes (Again)
  • Leach Painting
  • A Year In The Making
  • 12o1 Blame No One
  • Garden Party
  • Cake And Shakes
  • Date With Eve
  • A Toast To The Times Ahead
  • Fashionomania
  • Keep Up The New Year
  • Yacht.Yearend Party
  • Sing And Shine
  • Skinny Dip Soiree
  • Party In The Woods
  • Time Stuck At Fun
  • Quality And B Paint Body Shop
  • Horror Hour
  • Pies And Peace
  • Masks And Cocktails
  • Fashionuary
  • Glamour And Glitz
  • Roar Into The New Year

What Are Some Unique New Year Party Names To Choose?

Following are some of the most unique New Year party names that you can choose for party:

  1. Start The New Year Off Right
  2. The Bubble Ends
  3. Eveomania
  4. Just Getting Started
  5. The Coloursome
  6. Pyros Morose
  7. Hours In Heaven
  8. Trippy Party
  9. Under The Midnight Sky
  10. Noise.Noblerita
  11. Astral Funk Gators
  12. Country Boys Painting
  13. The Mixtionary Party
  14. Me Nyou Year’s Party
  15. Live The Last
  16. Make This Year Great Again
  17. Midnight Masquerade
  18. The Nye Party
  19. Paintoryx
  20. Shake, Rattle, And Roll
  21. The Waterproof Mat
  22. Precision Painters
  23. Backyard Bakes
  24. Antics Canvas
  25. Creative Colors
  26. Fall In Heaven
  27. The Gothic
  28. Midnight Mocktails
  29. A Night Of Fun
  30. Future Of Fun
  31. Invisibly Speaking Truth
  32. End Of The Beginning
  33. Lucky Luciano Custom Paint
  34. Midnight Gala
  35. Confetti, Confetti
  36. Dance The Night Away
  37. Sing And Slay
  38. Play And Slay
  39. The Private Spot
  40. New Year, New Goals

Unique New Year Party Names

Catchy New Years Eve Party Names

Here are the cool and catchy New Years Eve party names:

  • Let’s Get This Year Started
  • Time To Shine
  • Clean Cloth
  • In With A Kick
  • Midnight Express
  • Pimp Wreck Doctors
  • Sipping N Painting
  • Clean Finish
  • Beach And Barn
  • Drink And Dance
  • Share And Dare
  • Countdown To The New Year
  • Masquerade Madness
  • Annual Party
  • Maniac Speed Kill
  • The Rough Canvas Tent
  • After Ten Sob
  • Bright And Shiny
  • Red Galaxy Girls
  • Burgundy Breath
  • Under Earth Demons
  • A Starry Night
  • Time To Party
  • Squad Help
  • Business In Bed
  • Painted Daisy
  • High On Year
  • Clock Struck 12
  • Drink To 1
  • Paint Corner
  • On The Bright Side
  • Rough Canvas
  • Brew By Night
  • Cocktail.Cheese
  • Late Night Stumble
  • Artwork Pro
  • Glitter And Gold
  • American Painting
  • Painting Green
  • Beer In Another Year
  • Byzantine Artwork
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • Happy New Year, Y’all

Funny New Years Party Themes

This is the list of the best and funny new years party themes:

  • Mighty Midnight Rage
  • Bunny Sting Fury
  • Dance.Disco
  • Goat Party
  • Fresh Beginnings
  • Cocktail.Cruise
  • We Mean Business Painters
  • New Years Eve
  • Spam Ninjas
  • The Jumping Jills
  • Foodie Stories
  • Lights And Laughter
  • Madness In Heaven
  • Verbal Nontextual Matter Trading Co
  • Midnight Surprise
  • New Year’s Rockin’ Eve
  • Spooky Party
  • New Year, Who Dis?
  • Cocktailomania
  • Light And Last
  • Colorful Corners
  • The Red Ball
  • A Night To Shine
  • Taste Bud Gals
  • Comfort In Color
  • Colour Castle
  • Year And Beer
  • Empty Painting Group
  • The True Prowess
  • The Loop Of End
  • Et, Tu And Eve
  • We Heart Colors Painting
  • Crowded Charts
  • Glitter And Glam
  • Red And White Party
  • Sisters Of Paint
  • Magic Star Mermaids
  • Exact Edges Painting
  • Artistic Production Group
  • Auld Lang Syne Soiree
  • The Vintage Gala
  • The Vintage Party
  • Harbor Paint
  • Lil’ Massive Cuties
  • Cubist Painter
  • Midnight Masquerade
  • Priced Paints
  • Beat The Clock Party
  • Bad Attitude Angels
  • Dad’s Painting Service
  • Let’s Rock Around The Clock
  • Color Creators
  • A Fresh Start
  • Atomic Anacondas

How to Name a New Year Party

As the clock strikes midnight, the New Year brings with it a wave of excitement and anticipation. For many of us, that wave can be felt in the form of a New Year’s party.

Whether you’re getting together with family and friends, or throwing a blowout bash, the first step to planning an unforgettable night of celebration is to come up with a creative and fun name for your party.

To help you get the creative juices flowing, here are a few tips for coming up with the perfect name for your New Year’s party.

Think of a theme

If you’re throwing a themed New Year’s party, the name of it should reflect that. Whether you’re going for a classic black and white masquerade ball, a neon-themed rager, or a cozy and intimate cocktail hour, pick a name that speaks to the theme of your event.

Consider the time of year

The time of year also provides a great source of inspiration for New Year’s party names. Whether you’re celebrating in the depths of winter or throwing a summer pool party, use the season as a starting point for coming up with creative names.

Have fun with language

If you’re looking for a more fun and lighthearted name for your party, you can’t go wrong with a pun. Think of punny phrases like “Fizz-tastic New Year” or “Wine not Ring in the New Year?” to capture the spirit of the New Year event.

Get inspired by music

Music is also a great source of inspiration for New Year’s party names. Consider borrowing from the titles of popular songs or albums to come up with a catchy name.

Make it personal

If you’re throwing a more intimate gathering for family and close friends, you can make the name of your party even more special by adding a personal touch. Think of a phrase or slogan that speaks to the group of people you’ll be celebrating with.

No matter what type of New Year’s party you’re throwing, coming up with the perfect name is a great way to get your guests excited and set the tone for the night. With a little creativity and inspiration, you’re sure to come up with a fun, memorable name for your New Year’s celebration.

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